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“An inspiring documentary-film to EMPOWER YOUR LIFE by connecting you with the MAGIC OF THE OCEAN and sharpen the awareness to protect this life essential resource”



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Thunder Bay Filmfestival Laurel

Thunder Bay FILM FESTIVAL 2022

“Official Selection”

26th Jan – 6th Feb, Michigan / USA – ONLINE



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The movie runs 86 minutes and is available in German & English.




6. Feb. 2020, “ZEISE Kino” Hamburg

Laurel Cinemare 2021 Black

COSMIC CINE Filmfestival 2020

22. – 26. April, Munich / Germany – ONLINE

Laurel Cinemare 2021 Black

18th Int’l Ocean Filmfestival 2021

15. April – 2. May, San Francisco / USA – Online

Laurel Cinemare 2021 Black

CINEMARE Int’l Ocean Filmfestival 2021

20. – 25. April, Kiel / Germany – Online

Laurel Cinemare 2021 Black

CINEMARE Ocean Pop-up 2021

24. August, Kiel / Germany

Laurel Cinemare 2021 Black

COLD HAWAII Filmfestival 2021

26. – 28. August, Klitmøller / Denmark

♥ Love Notes ♥


Our PREMIERE at 6. February 2020 was AWESOME and we got incredibly great feedback since then!

“The power of the HEALING OCEAN shines out in this wonderfully impressive and honest film. It’s so beautiful and emotional and sends out inspiring messages.”

“This film is an emotional game-changer!”

Bettina’s story is a wonderful example for the power of taking action, the healing impact of nature – and that you’re never too old.”

„A whole variety of individual stories, how the ocean gave them the STRENGTH & MOTIVATION to power through their difficulties. Within the healing process we saw the strong sense of connectedness alongside our own insignificance against the power of the ocean.”

“A very touching personal “Get up” story. Connected with deep insights into the depth, beauty and vulnerability of our seas. An impressive achievement. To capture this on a high level on celluloid. A great and moving team effort!”

“A very successful film – moving, encouraging, and publicity for our commitment to healthy oceans full of diversity, so that our children can also enjoy their beauty and vastness!”

“Still flashed! The film is a motivational mantra for anyone with courage problem or need to keep up and depression. I’d want to show it to my patients.”

“Such a nice movie! I’ve never seen one with so many awesome messages.

Watch the Trailer!


“Want to jazz-up your spirit?
Here’s a movie trailer that is certainly not a ‘spoiler’.
Instead it bursts with inspiration and inner strength.”

(Elder SUP)


Get ready for GOOSEBUMPS and enjoy a beautiful short insight on our inspiring documentary. Find here the new German trailer and a longer English version we have produced for our crowdfunding in 2018.


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We produced this film more or less on our own, so we are still looking for great supporters, who LOVE TO BE CONNECTED WITH THE GREAT VALUES OF EMPOWERMENT & SAVING THE OCEAN!

We have fantastic ideas we want to realize. Finally, the more budget we get the better we can distribute the film to spread our valuable message into the world.

We are highly encouraged to get our heart-project flying – TOGETHER WITH YOU! Read more about your GREAT CHOICES and why engaging is so of VALUE FOR YOU. Or support us right away by your donation.

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Passion can overcome limits – even when things are really tough.


Let us take you on our journey! We want to encourage everybody to live their dreams with a documentary which shows all ups and downs. And furthermore, include other stories of inspirational people. 

There was a time, when Bettina lost her dreams. But giving up was not an option. In November 2018 she had the chance of a lifetime to participate at the Stand Up Paddling (SUP) Worldchampionships. Living “landlocked” in Hamburg / Germany, being tiny, an amateur and over 50 – impossible? No – it is never too late to live your dream. She dreamt big, felt deep, climbed up and used the challenging energy to propel it into something better. 

With her story and the story of other people who overcame hardship, we will give everybody a great inspiration on how we can use nature as a teacher to discover and empower our inner strength to live life more fully.

And how valuable the ocean is – worth to protect as a powerful resource. A beautiful place, where you can feel like you matter…. and overcome everything. 

Make your dream come true – no matter how many obstacles there are – getting stronger – that is what we experience and what we want to share in this documentary. Against all odds, it shows that we’re more powerful, when we empower each other. And one thing is for sure:



cause Betty would definitely go! 

The Making of


We started the production of the documentary in May 2018 as we also needed footage for our awesome teaser. We produced this to push our crowdfunding on KICKSTARTER. The success of the campaign in autumn 2018 was an important milestone for us to finance big parts of this heart-project.

Since then we traveled to several spots in Germany, Denmark, Mallorca/Spain and also to China due to my participation at the SUP Worldchampionships on beautiful Hainan island, which will play a key-role in the documentary. We met awesome people from all over the world, got interesting insights on nature & culture and got some great interviews. 

Featured are e.g. multiple SUP world champions like Sonni Hönscheid, Casper Steinfath & Fiona Wylde, Kris Primacio from California on the topic of surf-therapy, ocean experts & environmental activists like Frank Otto, German Ocean Foundation and internationally renowned Mojib Latif from Geomar in Kiel and many more. 

Our documentary had its PREMIERE at 6. February 2020 in Hamburg.


Here are some impressions of our journey …


Why creating this documentary?


Bettina is just a 151 cm tall pocket-sized powerhouse, a surfer, a mother and an entrepreneur who despite a few rounds in the ring with depression have defied all odds and at age 50 got a ticket for her first SUP Worldchampionships.

Not only has she done this but that was the reason to make this documentary now – about her journey, through both the ups and downs – to share how surfing has been her life coaching tool both socially and psychologically. 

With this attitude of FLOW LIVING she always LOVES to empower others. So, she spoke to her filmmaker-friend Andrea, who was also hooked on the idea to share the story, and the idea of making a movie came up. An authentic, LIFE INSPIRING documentary for everyone, which also empowers to SAVE THE OCEAN – the most wonderful & important resource for our planets life !

Our Team


We want you to come out of watching this documentary not only uplifted by the story, but also visually pleased of the beautiful journey we took you through. So, we produced this documentary with people who have worked on world-class documentaries and filming projects. 

ANDREA HAUSSTÄTTER – Creative Director & Producer


Andrea is a Hamburg based filmmaker, director, writer and producer who’s passionate about good stories and visions in films. Her love and ambition for the ocean shows on some international documentaries called ”100 Years of California Beach Culture“ or „Hawaii – Magic & Sublime“. 

She also has been the creative director on several TV shows, commercial and web videos. For over a decade, she produced not only feature documentaries but also films that made a change for each one of us, like her award winning fundraiser film for severely handicapped children or violence against children.

BETTINA KOHL – Executive Producer


Bettina is Life Coach & Feng Shui Expert living in Hamburg & Mallorca. She deeply loves the ocean and stand up paddling and … she had a dream. Her big goal was to compete at the SUP World Championships.

In 2017 she failed, due to the tragic suicide of her lovely mom. After an emotional-roller coaster she got again German Vice Champion SUP Wave, qualified for the SUP World Championships 2018 in China and got the idea for this documentary.

Back on track she is going for her dreams even stronger. And while riding through the ups and downs of life she is always the kind of person, that doesn’t give up. Who follows – with positive and powerful energy – the ways life is unfolding.

Her mantra is “Do whatever is good for you”.



Susanne is a high-professional Author, Journalist, TV film-producer & activist deeply experienced in a wide range of formats.


We have been already several times in the press. Find all releases in the MEDIA-section. And if you are also interested in an inspiring interview just contact us!


Save the Ocean Ambassador


We are excited that Bettina is now ambassador of CLEANWAVE – an awesome non profit organisation and social movement that sets out to create awareness about single-use plastic waste and provides alternatives to single use plastic water bottle consumption.

 Join the movement – “Ride the wave towards a plastic free world”

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Bettina Kohl
+49 (0)171 145 49 83


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